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Honeycomb Cellular Blinds

Dexter Honeycomb Cellular Blinds incorporate cutting-edge, energy efficient design and stylish sophistication. The unique honeycomb shaped cells effectively trap air, to ensure optimal insulation and noise reduction.


Made from lightweight, fade resistant fabric, Dexter Honeycomb Cellular Blinds are perfect for the Melbourne climate and block out 99% of harmful UV rays. These incredibly versatile blinds can be adjusted either top-down or bottom-up, and when retracted are neat and compact, offering an unimpeded view to the outside.


To suit all needs, Dexter offers both light-filtering and blockout options. Light-filtering Honeycomb Cellular Blinds will fill the room with a beautifully soft, ambient light whilst providing complete privacy. Blockout Honeycomb Cellular Blinds will ensure your room stays dark and quiet as long as necessary.


For the best deal on custom made Honeycomb Cellular Blinds, visit our Melbourne showroom, or call us and we’ll come to you!

  • Honeycomb blinds gently filter natural light, absorb noise and protect interiors from glaring UV rays
  • Honeycomb blinds are energy efficient by trapping air within their cells, keeping rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter reducing annual utility bills
  • Fade resistant fabrics
  • Blockout 99% of UV rays in all styles
  • Light weight
  • Best insulating blinds, perfect for energy savings
  • Available in light filtered and total blockout
  • Saves annual utility bills significantly
  • When closed they provide privacy yet all privacy yet allow light to filter in
  • Excellent insulators
  • When raised they are very compact and neat providing an unobstructed view from outside
  • More contemporary product
  • The stack height is very compact, for a 3000mm drop blind is less than 100mm
  • Blockout light from rooms