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Twin Shades

Twin Shades™ are exclusive dual roller blinds that afford elegance, versatility and durability in one tidy package. With a single pull you can alternate between gentle light filtering and blockout positions or they can be retracted to sit completely concealed within their attractive pelmet box.


Melbourne weather is notorious for its changeability, and Twin Shades™ roller blinds allow you to easily adjust your window dressing to suit. Alternating sheer and opaque strips, on parallel roller blinds, allow the optimum balance of light filtration and privacy. Align the strips to bathe the room in soft, filtered light, or offset the strips to attain absolute blockout conditions.


While similar products are available on the market, only Twin Shades™ blinds operate with the unique double roller system that allows the two panels to sit completely flush and the blockout to extend right down to the floor, effectively blocking out all outside light. Our competitors use single rollers, which adversely affects control, durability, and performance.


Made from high quality, solar tolerant Australian fabrics that block out all UV light, Twin Shades™ are ultra-energy efficient and will significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs. And they look great too!


Twin Shades™ dual roller blinds are made for Melbourne. For a great deal, contact us today.